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WILDGHOST is a small company with a big idea. We are looking for partners and team members interested in taking on the challenge of growing an innovative storytelling experience from the ground up.

WILDGHOST is located downtown in the slightly effervescent city of Vancouver, BC.

What are we working on?

TRUTHZERO is a YouTube series. It is changing into...

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THE EXPERIMENT, an experimental interactive narrative experience consisting of a weekly video series and an dynamic web app. Not much more to say for now because, you know, secrets, and stuff.

Sounds cool.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a few high-talent, high-ambition individuals eager to take early roles in developing an inventive new interactive entertainment concept. We seek a small team of smart, creative adventurers obsessed with storytelling and eager to challenge themselves by hurling their hapless bodies into the swirling maelstrom of creative fire. Compensation is available.

Can you be more specific?

Yes. Today we are looking for a FULL STACK DEVELOPER and a MOTION INTERFACE ARTIST.



You know how to program stuff. You are prepared to take on a key role in the development of a dynamic (and secure) database driven web application, back to front. You are excited by game systems design, data visualization and a wide range of web development environments. You can build custom tools. You have the capacity to prototype new systems rapidly in a highly iterative environment.

You will help create and maintain a database, build functions for manipulating and updating that database, and implement novel methods to interact with and visualize that data, all within a cross-platform web application. No problem.


You have an interest in futuristic interface design. You can composite and animate 3D designs and interfaces. You are prepared to take on the challenge of generating emotion and communicating story with evocative but simple iconography. You are interested in human archetypes. You can create a user experience with both the visual punch of the best movie UIs and the information density of NASA’s mission control center.

You will be responsible for refining and creating the "look and feel" for a virtual story environment. This environment will become the visual language of the video series -- and serve as a means to communicate archetypal story elements.


  • You have proven experience and/or an exceptional portfolio. Both, probs.
  • You are smart.
  • You know the softwares.
  • You have the ability to process relentless creative and technical feedback.
  • Seriously, you can iterate the hell out of things.
  • You are eager to take on the challenge of building a truly unique entertainment property in uncharted territory, from scratch. You are a pioneer, god bless you.
  • Positive energy is your jam, you thrive under pressure, and you're looking to turn it to 11.

Forward questions and resumes:

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Jason Thompson

Hi. Thanks for coming. This is my bio. I’m going to say a few nice things about myself. For instance: I have made a lot of television. Some of it has been quite popular. I have edited and produced quite a few TV shows, including such luminous high-brow entertainment as Blind Date, Hell’s Kitchen, and The Amazing Race. I occasionally speak scratchily into a microphone. Like most editors, I have cut lots of other stuff: film trailers, music videos, weird commercials, terribly overwrought film school projects.

I’ve led some creative teams. I’ve done graphic and motion and audio design. I can juggle at least three objects. I’m a fan of science, sushi, pets, new forms of storytelling, and finding the best possible future for humanity.

I think that’s quite enough about myself. It’s not really what I want to talk about. Instead: I am working on a thing. It’s ambitious. It’s different. I’m not sure I’ve seen anything quite like it. It is an EXPERIMENT. It's about narrative, truth, our personal stories, and how to have fun while thinking about best possible futures for humanity.


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