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Who are we?

WILDGHOST is a very small game company with a very big idea. We are a startup and we're looking for partners and team members interested in taking on the challenge of growing an innovative entertainment system from the ground up. We have a budget and we’re not afraid to use it (wisely).

We are located downtown in the slightly effervescent city of Vancouver, BC.

What are we working on?

FATESCAPE is a story-world simulator. It models a virtual world via the building blocks of story-events, energy, actions, emotions, and human relationships. The player experience is akin to that of an air-traffic controller – monitoring the dimly glowing data feeds that reveal the physical and psychological states of a cast of characters inside a virtual world – and managing their greater world goals within the context of a story-based strategy game.

Sounds cool.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a few high-talent, high-ambition individuals eager to take early leadership roles in developing an inventive new interactive entertainment concept. We seek a small team of smart, creative adventurers obsessed with storytelling and eager to challenge themselves by hurling their hapless bodies into the swirling maelstrom of creative fire. Compensation is available in the form of salary, equity, and the accolade of your peers.

Can you be more specific?

Yes. Today we are looking for a TECH MASTER and a UI MAESTRO.



You know how to program stuff. You have made computer games. Probably using Unity and C#. You are excited by systems design, procedural content generation, mathematical modelling, and social simulation. You have a passion for strategy, RPGs, and simulation gaming. You know how and when to build custom tools. You have the capacity to prototype new systems rapidly in a highly iterative environment. You can smash a game system with a big stick and extract all possible fun from it.

You will create an action/interaction simulation engine, which will form the basis for an evolving storyworld. You will design a strategy gameplay experience which is evocative, approachable and deep. No problem.


You make things pretty and usable. You have built custom game interfaces. You are excited by data-visualization, charts, icons, meters, and numbers -- glowing glowing numbers. You are prepared to take on the extraordinarily difficult task of generating emotion and communicating story with evocative but simple iconography. You can create a user experience with both the visual punch of the best movie UIs and the information density of NASA’s mission control center.

You will build a data-rich user interface for a virtual storyworld. It is a singlular challenge: in a very real sense, the interface is the game. Should be fun.


  • You are smart.
  • You know the softwares.
  • You have the ability to process relentless creative and technical feedback.
  • Seriously, you can iterate the hell out of things.
  • You are eager to take on the challenge of building a unique entertainment property in uncharted territory, from scratch. You are a pioneer, god bless you.
  • Positive energy is your jam, you thrive under pressure, and you're looking to turn it to 11.
  • You are excited to not only build something cool, but to help create the awesome team that will build it.
  • Your body is ready.

Forward questions and resumes:





Jason Thompson - Founder

Born sarcastic and ready to do battle, Jason recently abandoned a long-time television career in Los Angeles to start a small-but-scrappy game studio in Vancouver – a decidedly reckless decision brought on by wanton disregard for the laws of nature and personal finance. In addition to producing and editing such luminous high-brow entertainment as Blind Date, Hell's Kitchen, and The Amazing Race, he has also been known to speak scratchily into a microphone, usually to let breathless audiences know that something was happening for the first time ever in the history of Hell’s Kitchen.

Despite leading creative design teams for at least two lost-to-the-mists-of-time Internet companies, a burgeoning television career, years of graphic and motion design for clients from Sony to the NFL, a film school degree and at least one UCLA writing class, he finds himself blissfully under-qualified to start a computer game company.

FATESCAPE is his first, best, most cleverest computer game system, so he’s made sure to fill it with plenty of strategy, glowing lights, flirtation simulations and heartfelt moments of genuine story.